Subsequent Consultations //

In your second and subsequent consultations the chiropractor will continue with the treatment plan as outlines in your first visit.  If for some reason you are not responding as anticipated, or we have found one treatment type is not as effective as another then we will alter the treatment as required, after consultation with you.


Treatment will typically involve gentle spinal manipulations, light soft tissue/massage, heat/ice treatment and specific rehabilitation exercises to enhance your recovery.  Each treatment is tailored to each individual patient and as such can be quickly altered to suit each person’s unique needs.

If your condition changes, or you find yourself suffering from an ache or pain in another region then please tell the chiropractor.  If you come in with a new problem then the chiropractor will assess you again and form another diagnosis.  Our bodies are constantly being challenged with our every day activities, so other things do pop up from time to time.