Dr Anna Melbourne  (B.ChSc, M.Chiro)//



Dr Anna runs a small clinic that focuses on specific treatment and is very patient centered.  Each person is treated as an individual, and she is happy to discuss any and all aspects of your treatment and prognosis at any stage.

Dr Anna utilises a number of different techniques to accommodate each individual patients needs and specific health requirements.  Anna understands that each patients has different needs and preferences and will work with a variety of different techniques and modalities to achieve the best results for each unique patient.


After studying and working in Sydney for a number of years, Dr Anna relocated to Bundaberg in Queensland.  There she worked with a wide variety of patients, from 5 years to 95 years.  Understanding headaches became a real focus for Anna after treating a number of migraine sufferers and discovering how different approaches and advice affected people differently.  Today, she finds that she still learns something new, and is constantly surprised by the results that people come away with.


Dr Anna first saw the benefits of chiropractic at a young age.  As a teenager she developed acute lower back pain and was unable to run or return to sport.  After many failed attempts with other therapies, someone suggested a chiropractor.  Since then she has never looked back.


Growing up in a regional town Anna also understands the importance of those in regional and rural communities to have access to first rate health care.  We at the Dubbo Spine Centre strive to maintain the highest quality care, in an excellent, first rate environment.





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