Sitting on your wallet or crossing your legs; could this be part of the problem?

Men who sit on their wallets, and women who sit cross-legged both often have problems with recurring lower back pain.  This often occurs through two common mechanisms:


  1. Sitting on your wallet, or with most of the pressure through one gluteal region can irritate the sciatic nerve as it passes through the glute muscles.

  2. Elevating one side of the pelvis can cause an imbalance in the pelvis, fixations on the sacroiliac joint and abnormal stresses through the spine, ultimately resulting in pain.


Prevention is always better than cure, so the simplest thing to do is remove your wallet from your back pocket and stop crossing your legs when you’re sitting.  It can be difficult to remember to do this regularly, but it can be an extremely important and simple step in preventing further episodes.


Dubbo Spine Centre Chiopractor Sitting

Other simple steps to help prevent lower back pain include:

  • Take regular breaks: getting up and taking a short walk every half hour not only saves your back and neck but can help to clear your mind and increase productivity. 

  • Be aware of your sitting posture: especially when your work involves long hours at a desk or sitting down.  Try to maintain a slight curve in your lower back which will help to reduce strain on muscles and prevent ligament stretch and damage.  You can help maintain this curve by placing a small rolled/folded towel behind your lower back.  You can do this while driving too!

  • Listen to your body: if something is uncomfortable, especially if it continues to be so, look at why it could be happening.  You can also ask the chiropractor if you are unsure if you should be participating in certain activities that could be aggravating your condition.

If you are suffering from lower back pain, or would like some advice and exercises to help you get back on track, call the clinic on 6885 0662.